Cracking the candidate code: Exclusive Insights from 2 Million Job Seekers

13:45 30 minutes Studio
Ross Davies Radancy

What do candidates want? It’s a question that’s plagued talent acquisition teams since time began, it seems. And it’s a question we at Radancy have sought to answer by building the biggest bank of candidate survey responses in the industry. In this session we’ll share findings from more than two million candidate survey responses. More importantly, we’ll share what we did about it for our customers and the results it’s delivered.

Ross Davies

Ross Davies


Ross Davies, as VP, Solutions Engineering at Radancy wears two hats. His first is to listen to the challenges, requirements and goals of enterprises and craft solutions that meet their needs. His second is to ensure that any and all solutions have the candidate at their heart. 

He’s been with Radancy for 10 years and has held a wide array of roles in marketing, sales, strategy and customer success, helping many global, complex organisations meet their recruitment goals while delivering ROI.

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